One of the most common questions that I get asked from new and existing clients is how much do our services cost.

As with many accountants the fees we charge completely depend on what services a business needs and the work involved.  We are different though, in that our fees are not based on an hourly rate but on the value that we add with each service.  

Each service is priced using criteria from your business, (size, bookkeeping level, reporting requirements etc.) which help to determine the level of work involved.

Before agreeing a price we spend time with each client/potential client to understand their business, their goals and their needs. We build a tailored package there and then listing all the services selected and showing the cost of each. This allows for clear and transparent pricing and a better understanding of what services will be performed for a business.

This session gives clients the opportunity to remove services that they may not feel ready to have yet and to see what other service options may be available to their situation. 

During this meeting we create a roadmap for the future showing how services may change/evolve as the business matures.

Another element that affects cost is the bookkeeping standard. The reality is that annual accounts for a client using Auto Entry and Xero software for bookkeeping that is up to date and reconciled will not take as long or as much effort as a client who is providing manual documents ad hoc or once throughout the year. By taking this into account we flex our pricing. 

The advantages of our value added pricing approach:

• Fees are agreed in advance for the service levels the client needs, there is no longer any worry about the clock ticking.

• Clients also do not have to worry about picking up the phone and receiving a bill as this is all included with their monthly payment.

• Clients receive one monthly bill for all services where possible rather than separate bills for Xero and Management Accounts, quarterly bills for VAT and annual bills for accounts. 

• Paying monthly rather than annually helps cashflow both for clients and us.

We are passionate about being able to help businesses and provide good services – it is for that reason we do not want pricing to get in the way. 😊

We keep things clear and transparent so that clients know exactly what they are paying for. This ensures that we can deliver a high quality service and keep clients on track with their goals but also ensures clients never pay for anything they do not need. If you would like to know more or have a chat please get in touch to book a discovery call.